How it works

Glaziers' Mate is the complete, mobile solution for busy glaziers; created by a team with years of industry experience means that we understand what glaziers need. We help you to get the job done!

How It Works

The industry specific design allows you to simply enter Measures and progress these on to Quotes and Jobs with a touch of a button. Using Glaziers’ Mate you can keep track of all your work, send immediate invoices to your customers and receive PayPal payments directly into your account with the integrated PayPal tool.

Glaziers’ Mate allows you to enter more complex details including single, double and triple glazing, custom laminate and stock sheets; as well as hardware and other consumables. Furthermore, Glaziers’ Mate allows you to enter shapes and other detailed processing information. You can then send purchase orders instantly from your mobile or tablet, reducing the time you spend waiting for your glass to be produced and the work to begin!

What's New in Version 1.2

Welcome to the much awaited version 2 of Glaziers’ Mate! And the best change, Glaziers’ Mate is now FREE! 

Choose between our package types:
- Basic – 1 user
- Team – 3 users
- Enterprise – 5 users

Version 2 includes a complete pricing solution; you can now add the pricing of your suppliers into your quotation modules to ensure that you get complete accuracy with your estimates. This ability to price a job on the spot allows you to deliver a clear, concise quotation to your customer whilst you’re still at site. Not only does this reduce unneeded time between measures and quotes, it also reduces your need to remember!

The new shape module allows for closer detailing of more complex jobs, and simplifies purchasing to your suppliers, with integrations available to major glass processing software, A+W. Similar integration possible for software’s such as FeneTech and LiSEC on request. This further streamlines your purchase orders, sending them straight to your suppliers, reducing your lead time and allowing you to get the job done quicker!

Further inclusions are:
- Multi-currency now available from $ - USD, $ - AUD, € - EUR, £ - GBP, kr & SEK to ₹ - INR 
- Add your branded or ‘favourite’ IGU’s for quick input
- Add suppliers with EDI integration type i.e. A&W
- Set default delivery & invoice addresses for your customers
- Set price per glass type
- Add Oversize/undersize surcharges
- Include minimum sqm rates i.e. 0.3m2
- Process prices by linear meter, qty, m2 dependant on process type.
- Add shape surcharges
- FREE usage with no monthly fees! 

By fully integrating with your suppliers Glaziers’ Mate allows you to better cost the glass proportion on your job. This allows you to provide a more accurate ‘cost plus’ price to your customer and therefore ensure you keep your margin. 

Flip between the web application on your PC or check your orders on the road, on your iPhone or iPad. Glaziers’ Mate allows you to minimise your problems and maximise your business’ potential.

Any questions please contact

Welcome aboard!


* 1 month free trial is once per business only. TRIAL is for 1 calendar month.


Easy Tracking 

Glaziers' Mate makes your business administration simple and easy to keep a track of. See what work has progressed and what work neds to be followed up; easily move measures to quotes to invoices and purchase orders. 

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  Easy entry of measurements, which can quickly be converted to requesting a quote.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Raise and send quotes to  customers directly from  the palm of your hand.  Easily progress  measuremnts to quotes,  without having to re-enter  information; or develop quotes directly from information provided by your  clinets. 

 Jobs & Invoicing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  Email your invoices  directly to your customer  and keep an overview of  your workload. Glaziers'  Mate allows you to keep  track of who and who  hasn't paid for your work.


Purchase Orders

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  Glaziers’ Mate allows you to directly email your purchase orders to your suppliers, using the information entered in the previous sections. No  double entry reduces the possibility of mistakes and makes your administration tasks for efficient.




Image and video hosting by TinyPic Using Glaziers’ Mate to produce invoices gives your customers a number of easy payment Solution Graphicsoptions. Each invoice  will automatically have your payment details attached; whether this be our integrated PayPal system, cheque  payments or direct deposit by E.F.T. All the information will be there for your customers so the cash will be in your  pocket sooner!

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